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Signature Pedicure

Our signature pedicure treatments start with a soothing aromatic foot soak, followed by nail shaping and cuticle care, callus work, exfoliation, and rejuvenate & condition your feet for the ultimate pampering experience.


Cool as Cucumber
Fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin, to help moisturize and tighten tired feet.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub
The green tea will help reduce swelling, cool and reenergies wary feet with a blast of cooling peppermint

Tropical Orange
A combination of citrus soak, tropical sugar scrub, tropical blend smoothie masque will renew and revive the smoothness of your feet.

Hot Stone Pedicure
Enjoy the soothing heat of warmed stones massaging your feet and lower legs during this wonderfully relaxing pedicure.

Natural Fire-Walker Pedicure
Bliss spa pedicure invigorating leg gel, a Native American secret to leg relief. A clear, Cooling formula made from a combination of horse chestnuts, eucalyptus and peppermint oil to simulate tired legs.

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